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In today’s competitive workplace, a higher education is needed to be considered for many things. Earn your High School Diploma based on your life skills and past/present achievements. Our unique program is unlike any other. We offer an exclusive opportunity. We represent privately accredited High Schools & Career Centers that wish to expand their alumni. You can choose your High School. This complete fast high school diploma graduate package is complete with official transcripts and more.

Get your Accredited  High School Diploma Online, in 7 days. No course-work, no Study, no attendance. This program is based on what you already know. We are the leaders in  document authenticity, including foil embossed seal on your high school diploma, Official transcripts from the registrar, verification letters and much more. Many use their high school diploma for the following.


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Fast High School diploma program, is based on several factors, such as: Job experience in any field, previous educational achievements, employer-sponsored training and workshops, personal goals, lifestyle, hobbies, parenting, participation in volunteer activities and community service and independent reading and writing.

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Once you submit your enrollment form and pay for the program, we will send your form to our exclusive network of high schools and career centers. Within 24 hours you will receive information from us as to which schools accepted your application based on your experience. You can then choose which high school you wish to have your graduation package from.

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Your documents are produced from the high school you choose to exacting standards. Professional quality print, official parchment paper and anti-copy official transcript paper signed by the registrar, with embossed diploma holder.

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