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Your choice of fake degrees are from one or two colleges. This is mainly attributed to their use of templates for your degree, which is not custom. The template many use are simply a Pass/Fail overused design, not authentic. Cannot buy a real degree from an accredited college.



See what you will get before production.  Our Fake Degree service online, offers proofs, direct to your email before  production begins. This way you can see your documents, check for accuracy and even request revisions. Once your documents are approved, your Real University package is produced and shipped fast.

No proofs are offered. Once you receive your documents with your name on them, in many cases it cannot be replaced, even if there are errors. The font, seal, paper and other important details are not followed. Claims of offering verification of fake degree transcripts.



Authentic Fake degrees, diplomas and transcripts are printed on on real degree paper, raised-ink degree printing is available. We offer Embossed gold, or other colored foil, which is heated onto your degree paper. College-University Transcripts are on Official Anti-Copy Paper with watermarks and other identifiable Real University security Features.

Fast Prints on copy-paper copy paper, generic sticker seals, Inkjet printed. Transcripts are on Non Official copy paper from a pre-used template with simple Pass/Fail Marks. No GPA legend and no additional information provided on the back of your transcripts. There is little value even as a novelty item or real accolade. Real University.



Included in your professional degree package is a heavy University folder that holds your documents. 2 sealed official real university transcripts (in college envelopes), and 2 unsealed college transcripts. Your degree, a certificate of academic excellence, a PVC University ID Card (you can have your photo printed onto it. two verification letters, a padded degree holder.

All documents are printed from existing, outdated templates. No research is done on your behalf. never Prints degrees with real signatures, or real seals/crests.

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