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Degrees and certificates printed with thermography.

We're always demanding more from our network of colleges and universities. Always setting the bar higher in regards to quality. Don't settle for inkjet prints from our competition.


Your degree or diploma is printed on parchment paper (custom degree paper may differ). A fine digital print is used. It is a professional print, it is also a flat ink. All degrees, diplomas and certificates have a raised-embossed seal. If you prefer your degree to feature complete, professional thermography (raised ink), which you can feel, please add the "thermography" addition upon checkout. The raised print is a much more entailed process, and coupled with the embossed college seal, it is the most professional, authentic fast degree/diploma available online. Thermography will not fade and will outlast most other prints available.


The fonts are chosen carefully for your diploma. There may be 2,3 or up to 5 signatures on your diploma. Signatures may include the president of college, vice president, dean, board of trustees, board of regents as well as others.


Unlike our competitors who use stickers for seals, your diploma seal or university crest will be an embossed foil seal (fused onto the paper), in gold, or several colors such as gold and blue, or gold, silver and red.


Professional printers get a minimum of 75.00 for a setup fee and generally require a minimum document order of 500. With us, for only $30.00 additional, you can have your diploma fully printed in raised ink. This is an exciting opportunity to showcase your diploma. The look and feel is perfection.


Thermography is the name of a post print process that is achieved today using traditional printing methods coupled with thermography machines. Thermography is a professional print process in which machines with high heat send articles through conveyor. In most cases, printing and graphical companies will charge a set-up fee for the plates that are used to make the ink impression. There is usually a minimum document order of 500 pieces. We charge a small fee for this incredible service and there is no minimum order. You can order this for one degree, diploma only.


The first process of thermography applies thermographic/embossing powder, made from plastic resins, to the substrate (normally paper). The areas selected for raised printing are printed with slow drying pigment inks that do not contain dryers or hardeners so that they remain wet during the application of powder.


The second section of the process is a vacuum system that removes excess powder from uninked areas of the substrate.


The third section of the process conveys the product through a radiant oven where it is exposed to temperatures of 900 to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. The heating process will take anywhere between   4-6 seconds. The substrate (usually paper) has a peak in IR absorption at the wavelength used. Through conduction from the paper, the powder temperature rapidly increases and starts melting. When the process is correctly adjusted, the center of the largest filmed areas reach sufficient quality level as the product exits the heater. The melted ink then solidifies as the product cools.


Thermography, or raised print, is commonly used on wedding invitations, braille text, diploma and college degree certificates. It is attractive, secure, and distinctive. It will outlast inkjet and digital prints in terms of fading and/or streaking.


Your diploma or college degree will be printed on parchment paper with raised ink print. It will also feature a single color foil or multi color foil seal that is embossed. The colors of college/university crests are generally gold, blue, red or any combination color. The end product? Authentic, Realism, Professional.


We are the most authentic diplomas degrees company online



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All I can say is Wow! I did not

expect my degree package to look like this. Honestly, when your ad said "Raised Print" I didn't think it would be this professional. I can feel the print, it's raised right off the parchment paper. Great job, very official and authentic. I will refer many associates your way. Best thermography diploma period.


Marcus Perry, Bloomfield, IN.

College Degree Fast has done it again. We are one of the few who now offer full professional thermography services. You can order your degree, diploma or certificate with raised-high gloss ink. You can feel the print. This is an incredible feature that once again allows us to stand apart from the online college degree competition.

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