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All Member Colleges and Universities must maintain consistent and verifiable Accreditation, as well as up to date information regarding contacts and student records. After purchase, College Degree Fast will promptly notify you of all Colleges and Universities that have accepted your application. You can then request more information, view the School website and take other steps to make the best informed decision.


All Documents must have the highest level of quality & authenticism.  They must use embossment or raised formates for their University seals on their diploma's. Diplomas/Degree's must be on parchment paper and must resemble a traditional Diploma. Content print must be digital and/or Laser-free from fading or running with moisture.

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They must meet strict guidelines in terms of Overall Quality, Timeliness of delivery, and a high level of Professional Service.

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Transcripts must be on Official Level Security paper and include College Registrar signature and University address and phone or fax. Like Traditional Transcripts, they must be anti-copy-with coin activated security and watermarked. The back of the Transcript must contain GPA Information as well as additional security features and verification information. The Registrar Signature or seal must be of separate print than general content print - this is for distinction purposes. Transcripts from all member Schools must also include Letter grades and GPA (ex. 3.24 or 3.50) they must never include pass/fail, additionally, like traditional transcripts-they must include cumulative summary, and have a clear term or semester system.


All member Universities are Privately Accredited. Our member Universities are committed to improving the educational standards of on-line universities by establishing stringent quality standards for degrees granted on the basis of life experience. Enroll now for your Fast College Diploma.



We are under agreement with all member schools to not disclose their Institutional name on general websites. this is for many practical reasons that work for you-the prospective student and/or Alumni. The Colleges and Universities keep their professional reputation by not showing up in general searches, especially on "sale sites." don't make the mistake of purchasing a College Degree From a College or University by name that accepts payment on their homepage. Remember, the search engines crawl every page and find every link from one site to another. Additionally, All member Colleges and Universities maintain the ability to serve you 100% in the days and years to come.


Our network of Colleges and Universities define life skills or achievement as: Prior job experience in any field, Military training, Previous educational achievements Employer-sponsored training and attendance of workshops, Participation in organizations, both professional  and nonprofessional. National Testing Programs, Independent Research Project or Self-directed Study, Independent Reading, Community Services, Volunteer Activities, Professional / Corporate Trainings/Certifications.


Many life skills or achievements fall under the umbrella of "Degree requirements," Every individual

application is on a case-by-case basis. The Colleges and/or Universities want to be sure the degree and major you desire is appropriate and "fits", regarding your past and present skill-set.


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