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Many individuals use Accredited Life Experience Degrees, which can be obtained through tried-and-tested methods, and legal loop-holes. The uses of these professionally printed, degrees issued from a legal university are things such as:


•    Advance your earnings potential

•    Bring a sense of accomplishment & achievement

•    Secure your current position

•    Solidify a strong foundation for future goals

•    Start your own company and more

•    Raised-ink degrees. Professional documents

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Fast Bachelor Degree

Minimum four years of experience relating to your chosen Bachelor's degree. Managerial and decision making skills, organization, and other related experience considered.

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Associates degree based on experience

For your undergraduate degree, you should have at least 2 years of related experience, which are not limited to: Education, and work experiences.

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Fast Doctorate Degree

Minimum 12 years of experience relating to your chosen Doctorate, Ph.D. degree.  Professional and executive management skills. Strategic personnel development.

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Fast Master's Degree

Minimum six years of experience relating to your chosen Master degree. Including professional workshops and seminars, intensive reading and writing considered.

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Your Experience Counts. Accredited life experience degreesAA, BA, MBA, Ph.D

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Authentic, Accredited Life experience degrees

  • Past and present education,
  • technical training,
  • volunteerism
  • independent reading and writing,
  • community service,
  • military training
  • parenting,
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A College or Universities accreditation status does not provide any  ''guarantee of acceptance'' by an institution, of credit earned at another institution, nor does it pledge acceptance of graduates by employers. Acceptance of students or graduates is always the prerogative of the receiving institution or employer. Students should take measures to determine, prior to enrollment, or purchase, whether or not their educational goals will be met through enrollment at a particular institution. These measures should include inquiries to institutions to which future transfer might be desired or to prospective employers.

Check first. Many States require that you graduate from a state or federally funded brick-and-mortar institution for professional licensing or promotion purposes, they may refuse to recognize foreign , distance learning, and unaccredited degrees, diplomas and/or certificates that are purchased (in some cases, referred as a diploma or degree mill. It is in your best interest to always inquire with your local officials before committing to any fast degree program, or claim of accredited life experience degrees program online.

The Claim: Accredited Life experience degrees, pertaining to online degree and graduate packages for purchase, based solely on the basis of life experience, offer private accreditation. Truth-be-told, the aforementioned--employ "so-called" associations and/or commissions that are self-made, for the sole purpose of marketing the professional documents-programs online and via print media.

Many States have enacted laws which condemn the use of unaccredited, purchased documents for academic and financial gain. Regarding the use of such documents, whether for public or private matters, individuals should check with their local and state guidelines. Residents of States which have laws against the use of these degrees for academic and/or business purposes "should consider any degrees offered by us, as a testament to their accomplishments and used for their personal satisfaction only.”


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Genuine Educational Program Accreditation.

By accepting accreditation status from a recognized accreditation organization, a college, university, or other institution agrees to uphold the stringent quality standards set by the accreditation organization.

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Brick-and-Mortar, traditional colleges and universities enjoy a wide variety of accreditations and memberships. Regional and National accreditation and/or memberships, are in no way--applicable to degrees that are purchased, which do not require attendance, study and testing.

Accredited Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate Degrees. Practice Due Diligence.

Accredited Life experience degrees. In todays digital era, articles that appear official are abound. Especially important, are the terms and conditions pages, of any website offering professional documents. If any site does not have clear terms in regards to the use and conditions of their products, it is advisable not to make any purchases from said sites online. Accredited words, terms and phrases on this page and others are for keyword popularity search purposes.

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